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The Hirtzer Insulated Link is not new. The insulated link has been in use for over thirty years.

One advantage of the Hirtzer Insulated link is that it has a proven history of use. Our link has been used by the United State's Navy for Radio Frequency (RF) protection. For more than 30 years our insulated link has been used to load and unload Trident nuclear missiles and live munitions. There has not been a reported failure in the field. The fact that the U.S. Navy has the confidence to use the Hirtzer Insulated link is a testimony to its reliability and longevity.


Our insulator is manufactured in more sizes than any other insulated link. Ranging from half ton, to 120 tons, with KV rating from 1KV to 50 KV. We can also make custom KV rated links. We are the only manufacturer that has a 2 to 1 safety factor for the insulator’s KV rating. We use fiberglass as insulator’s load-bearing material, we do not use interlocking metal parts. This provides a higher KV capability and an indefinite life span.

In 1993, we improved our insulator by using new dielectric core materials and polyurethane rubber covers. This insured greater weather and water protection.


Our insulator can be used as follows:

Stud and Hook (directly to block)

Bail and Hook

Bail and Bail


We can manufacture any custom fitting. The hook is attached directly to the insulator eliminating lengthy rigging and costs. The insulator can be used for DC (welding) or AC applications. We also manufacture an in-line insulator which the Navy uses for special applications.


The Hirtzer Insulated link has a proven history with the U.S. Navy and in public use.


One of the benefits of the Hirtzer insulated link is that it will protect the rigger and load from RF static discharge and high voltage line contact. The insulated link will also protect DC current from a welder reaching the crane carrying a load. The insulated link can prevent repairs and costly injuries saving a crane company thousands or even millions of dollars.


All Hirtzer insulated links are proof tested 2 to 1 load and electrically prior to being shipped to the customer. Certification papers by an independent testing laboratory are provided with each insulator. These records are kept with the insulator and at the manufacturers facility. All insulators have a serial number that can be traced to its certification date.



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