What is RF and

Why should you use a Insulating Link?


Radio-Frequency (RF) is continuous electrical discharge emitting from radar, radio and television towers, microwave transmitter, satellites and other high frequency wireless communicators. These high frequency radio waves travel through the atmosphere and will increase as wireless communications grows.


RF is Hazardous.

RF waves are picked up by all antennas or metal objects and will cause continual electrical discharge unless properly insulated.

Cranes and other loading devices will pick up RF waves which can burn load handlers. In extreme cases, RF can produce dangerous high voltage electrical arcing.


Protect against RF

Hirtzer Insulators placed between the hook and lifting device will stop RF from discharging to the end of the hook. Protects the load handler from electrical burns.

It also protects sensitive electronics from damage.


View a video of what RF energy is

View a video of how the Hirtzer Link Protects


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